My First post

My First post

Hi guys!

My name is Arya, A 15 years old blogger who was born in 2001.I am living in Kerman, Iran. Most of you think about Iran,”Is it a nice country or a country that supports terrorism? “If you ask me, It will be a nice country and a lot of safety which doesn’t support terrorism in anyway.If you had a chance to have a trip to Iran, Don’t lose it!

My hobbies

Let’s talk about my hobbies! Like most of this days teenagers, One of my hobbies is searching the Web, watch videos on YouTube or sth studying.I play football in my free time.Football is sth that I play everytime I have a free time.I really enjoy it.

I was a blogger so far !

I would like to say I used to have 2 blogs but I deleted them because they weren’t so good so  so I decided to remove them completely ! I hope this blog could be much more better than that 2 ones.

What do I post ?

I will send posts about what is in my mind so it could be everything ! My blog would be updated once or twice a week.It depends do I have a free time or not ^__^.

How is my English level ?

Honestly, It is good but it has some space to learn more.I should work on my vocabulary, by the way if you see mistakes from me, please apologise me.


I am going to 3rd grade of secondary school, Somehow one of the most important year for me so I should try hard because it will effect on my future.Also next year I would be a high school student.And  finally

It was my short biography about myself, I hope you enjoyed😊


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