My wrost ever mark !

My wrost ever mark !

Hi again guys ! Today was not a good day for me because  I got my wrost ever mark in English.As I said, I’m living in Iran and going to English classes for about 7 years but this day I received my exam paper, when I looked to the mark that was written on the paper, I was so depressed ! I got 12.5 out of 20 or we can say I got 62.5/100 which is horrible for me.I haven’t got like this marks but unfortunately I got this low mark.It doesn’t finish here, what should I say to my parents ? What would be their reactions and what would they are going to say to me ? I’m a person who studies a lot but this mark is a fail in my Life.My mom and dad are going to be sad but I have no other way.By the way, I can’t do anymore, Just learn from my fails and try harder.

After English class and what has happened, I went to Football session.We were just exercising because we are having a match on Thursday so we can show a good performance of our team.Finally the session finished and we came back to the home.My dad said my school’s books are received and I can take a look at them. I was counting how many book I am going to study, It is 13 books and 1,852 pages to study just in 9 months which sounds a lot but Iranian students like me, are having this situation every year so it’s normally for us !^__^

Until now nothing special happened so it is the end of today post.

Hope you enjoyed ☺


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