Does Hillary Clinton have mental problems ?

Does Hillary Clinton have mental problems ?

Today, when I was watching the news, I got something is wrong with US Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Let’s start from the first. In a conference, Trump said Clinton has mentail problems and isn’t fit for being president. First I couldn’t believe that but when I saw a video which shows Clinton’s serveral coughs, I guessed Hillary could some illness.

Their was a post on “hurrington post”but it was removed, why ? Because it showed secret documents about Clinton’s health.On that post, it was written Hillary has several health problems like  Tongue cancer,    and other illnesses. The writer was kicked from this newspaper because he published secret documents about Clinton’s health. By the way, Where does Clinton’s illnesses come from ? 

After Japan earthquake, Clinton visited the damaged Nuclear powerhouses. You can guess what happened next, Nuclear radiations entered Hillary’s body. As we know, this radiation will cause a lot of problems like cancer which has appeared on Clinton.I have read Hillary Clinton will be alive just for 6 months more, until that time the new president of US will be chosen.

I don’t know what would happen because I don’t like to see trump as USA president which really sounds horrible for most if the people.We have to wait so time could answers us.


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