Daily blog 1 | our teacher surprised us

Hi guys !

Today is September the 10th.Today nothing special has happened for me, I just went to my class sessions that I should go. On this day, I had English session and Football session. In our English session, our teacher surprised us by asking questions from all of us. Honestly none of even opened our student book which we shold study, you can guess what has happened next 😔, most of us were unable to answer the questions but from my good luck, I could answer the question but not that good as I should 😜😀. Fortunately it was finished with our huge stress. After English session, I went to Football session to practise and be prepared for our next matches. In the way to football session, I was changing my clothes in the car 😜. It is normally for me because everytime I do it is because that football sessions will start just 10 minutes after English sessions so I won’t have time to change my clothes their. Nothing special has happened at this session so I prefer to skip this part but after session finished , I was waiting about half an hour for coming of my dad. Finally my dad came but in a taxi.I was aamazed but my dad told me ir was because of his car problem that caused alot of other problems too ! It took about 15 minutes to came to the home. When I entered home, very good smell made me so hungry. I got my mother cooked chips that was so delicious. Until now I was doing nothing but right now I am watching a comedy programme called “Durehami”. It’s so popular in iran which is managed by an Iranian famous director calls Mehran Modiry. So I should watch it because I really love it.



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