Daily blog 3 | What would you feel after being hit 3 time with a ball ?

Hi guys !

Today is September the 13th which wasn’t a good day, it was horrible for me. Let me say you about what has happened today.

Woke up at 5 a.m

As I said in my previous post, yesterday was a celebration so we went to another city to be with our family I and my dad woke up at 5 a.m after a nice sleeping .I woke up go hard but I should be woke up in anyway. We reached to kerman at 7 a.m . When we came back to home, I got I will have a math session at 9 a.m so I will be prepared for math olympiad exam. Class was 1.5 hours and and finished at 10.5 a.m. I was so hungry because I haven had breakfast so I ate an apple and yogurt. My dad came back from work at 2 p.m with kebab. It was so delicious and I thanks my dad.

Going to football session

I had football session at 4 p.m so I didn’t go to English session. While my dad and I were going, he asked me to buy chum so I bought one with strawberry taste. I reached at 4. 15 so I was late. After warming up, we started playing football. While playing, one if the players who wanted to shot, hit my testicles so hard and I couldn’t walk for minutes. It doesn’t continue here, another player was trying to make a long pass but it hit my lip and cut my lip. That was Awful, I was getting angry why they want to hit me but another one tackled on my left foot while I was shooting and hurted my ankle badly which I couldn’t run for about 10 minutes and still I can feel its pain. Football session finished at 7 p.m and I was so hungry so when I came back to home, I ate rest of the kebabs.

Having stomachache until now


From midday this pain starts until now. Right now it has a bad pain that I am typing hard.I don’t know where does it come from but I will sleep after blogging so I could get rid of the awful pain.

Arya Darijani



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