Daily Blog 5 | I’ve done my mathematics exam

Hi guys !

Today is September the 14th which serveral  things has happened. Let’s start from the  Mathematics exam which I was getting prepared for it for about 3 months. The exam started at 8:30 a.m so we started doing exam. This exam is called Australian Mathematics Competition or AMC  which is taking part in Australia and some other countries like Iran where I live.


This is a competition for competing  yourself with thousands of others. Exam had different questions with different marks also it was 30 questions with 143 marks totally :

  • The first part had 10 questions with 3 marks each
  • The second part had 10 other questions and each one had 4 marks
  • The third part has 5 questions which each one had 5 marks
  • The last part which was the hardest part had 41 marks which was really a lot. It was 5 difficult questions from 6 marks to 10 marks each.

Exam finished at 10 a.m and I went to home immediately to check my answers but it doesn’t have answer sheet. I remember my mother forced me to register for this competition but now I got how great is math so next year I will participate in this competition too ! By the way, I think I can score 60/134 marks or higher. Results will be received in November and December and I hope I could get a good marks.

At the end, I took some pictures of the exam paper.



Hope you enjoyes

-Arya Darijani



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