Daily Blog 6 | A nice holiday

Hi guys !

Today is September the 16th which I had a nice holiday ! First I had to say that Friday is legal Holiday which is different from other countries. In Iran, Most of us prefer to go to to countries or visit our families so my parents decided to go to a village which was 50 kilometres away from where we live. I wasn’t happy with 20th their decision, why ? Because today was a derby match against perspolis and Esteghlal which are Iran’s two strong soccer teams. We started our short trip at 2 p.m after having something. We picked up everything which we needed so my dad started driving. After 10 minutes that I and my brother were in the car. I felt I need sleep but my brother felt in sleep sooner than me. By the way we reached to a village called “Golriz” after 30 minutes of driving of my dad. Finally we found a place to start our picnic. Place which we choose wasn’t crowded so it was a benefit for me because I hate from crowded  places because I feel uncomfortable in that places. Then we had our lunch, a feet that I and my brother started playing g football  by passing or shooting the ball for fun 😁 . Then an idea came to my mind, to shoot the ball from the top of the hill . I went there and I shoot as strong as possible but it wasn’t m that powerful 😑. Also my 10 yrs old brother tried it too. We enjoyed doing that and we did it for serveral time until we didn’t have energy anymore to go up the hill. While I was there , I took some photos from up the hill .


Our main porpoise was buying fruits from their because my parents prefer buying fruits from village than cities. We found three gardens so we asked the owners about buying their fruits, one of them rejected  but we bought from two others about 20 kilograms apples and grapes.  I think it would be enough for autumn . We went back to Kerman, where we live and we reached there at 7:45 p.m and right now I am writing my post so I could blog it ! I hope you enjoyed ☺

Have a nice night !

-Arya Darijani




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