Daily Blog 7 | My internet traffic has finished, What should I do ?


Hi guys !

Today is September the 17th which as I said in the title, my internet traffic has finished, so what should I do and how I can continue blogging ? I really don’t know but there is lots of extra ways for example I can buy another extra traffic or use my mobile’s internet which I should buy network packet. By the way I will solve this problem  and continue blogging daily !

Today I woke up at 9:30 a.m which means I am being woke up earlier than before  so maybe it is because of schools that will be opened in next week. After having breakfast, I ate lots of fruits which we bought them yesterday. Then my mother who is lawyer, went to court to review her cases. So my brother and I were alone in home, My brother forced me to play spongebob for him but first we decided to listen/watch some music videos to get better and feel fresher for today. Then as I promised to my brother, I played spongebob for him. I didn’t like it at first but now I think it is a nice and funny animation !

My brother forced me to play this for him

I planned to watch BarcelonaLeganes match at 15:30 but I forgot to watch this match. Hopefully Barcelona win it 5-1. Right now I am in my father’s office which is owned by him. He is a Notary and I am posting today’s blog with its office internet ! Today I am working with PC and its keyword after about 3 months. It is really hard to type with keyword, therefore I used to type with my tablet which I think is much more better than PCs keyword.

I don’t have other thing to write/type it so today’s post is finished !

Hope you enjoyed !

-Arya Darijani


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