Daily Blog 8 | I hate past perfect !

Hi to all !

Today is September the 19 th which a lot of guests came to our home. I woke up at 10:30 a.m completely ( I woke up earlier but I slept again :mrgreen: ) but just 30 minutes after I woke up, My aunt’s husband and their two daughter came to our home because they live in another city so they preferred to stay in our home. My aunt was in the university because she was accepted for studying “Industrial Engineering” for masters. As usual my brother apart playing with cousins a lot . Also my another aunt came to our home because she us moving to our city, kerman. They stayed until 4 p.m after their works had finished. Hopefully I finally could buy a new Internet packet so I can continue blogging daily 😄. Let’s talk about the topic, my hate from past perfect or p.p 😨. Yesterday I had my English session as usual then our teacher asked us to complete an exercise about past perfect, when he asked me to say the answers, all of them were wrong even other answers that he said while others were saying the answers were wrong, that is awful ! I don’t know where to use this damn grammer, someone is saying we use this when something is fished from past but its results and effects are continuing until now but some others say we actually use this when some works have been started from past and are continuing until now but some others just saying bla, bla and bla 😫 ! 

My uncle called to my mother at 6:30 p.m for coming to our home but then my mother asked him to bring his wife and childrens so at 7:30 p.m they came and again  as usual my brother start playing a lot and a lot of games with cousins 😑. The main reason why my uncle came to our home was because he is a new evidence expert such as my dad ( he is experienced one ) so he needed some helps from my dad for his new case.

But today was a special day for Iranian student ( not for me! ) because they received the universities entrance exam which is called Konkur. In this exam, students that got their high school diploma, will participate in this exam. It has about 200 questions that are tests. Then their mark will be calculated and will be ranked. Better mark means better rank and better rank means better chance for being accepted for universities. For example,  my cousin was accepted for computer science or in our family, about 10 students were accepted for studying medicine which is a lot !

I type anymore ! I need to sleep, it is 12 p.m so I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and have a good night/day 😉 !

-Arya Darijani


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