Daily Blog 9 | Happy Eid-e-Ghadir

Hi to all !
Today is September the 20th which is the celebration of Eid-e-Ghadir . I don’t know if you know about it or no but it is a very important day for Muslims because on this day God selected Imam Ali as surrogate of Mohammad the prophet. So let’s talk about the topic !

Why God selected Imam Ali and why Islam needed him ?

Islam was presented by Mohammad the prophet but he didn’t have any boy ( Mohammad had but his son field just when he was 2 years old ) so people who were against Islam and Muslims ( As we have some people like them that are against Islam and want to destroy it ) were happy because they thought after death of Muhammad,  Islam will be removed so they could do everything wrong they would like to do ) but God/Allah   selected Imam Ali because he passed very problems that God made for him for testing him also because he was the first man who was Muslim and he is known with his justice so God ruled Gabriel to send the message of God to Muhammad. Muhammad met Gabriel and received the message. While Muhammad and other people were coming back from Hajj,  he ordered people to stop at a place called Ghadir khomMuhammad noticed people it is his last hajj and soon he will die and will, meet God/Allah. Then he took Imam ali’s hand up and said :

If I am your Guardian, after me, Ali would be your Guardian and you must accept and do every rule he said to you.

So our prophet did his job that God said to him which he must do.

Unfortunately some people at that time didn’t accept the God’s rule and they made Abubakr their Imam so it did make Muslims in two parts: 1-Shias 2- Sunnie People who follow God’s rule and their Imam is Imam Ali are called Shia and others are Sunnies. Most of the Shias are in Iran so far !

By the way we celebrated this Eid and had nice moments. I hope you enjoyed your day !

-Arya Darijani


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