Daily Blog 10 | My charge cable is destroyed !

Hi to all !

Today is September the 21th which was a real busy day for my family especially for me ! I have to mention last nigh, time has changed about 1 your back. Unfortunately we forgot to watch last night news so we didn’t have any news so we could change the time. I woke up at 8 a.m  but exact time as I mentioned, was 7 a.m. I had a make-up session at 9 a.m so I was dressed up and reached to the institute but as I was waiting and waiting more, the institute was closed and no one was crossing around there ! I thought I came at wrong time so I got a taxi and came back to home but just one hour later , my father called me and noticed me about the time’s changing. Again I dressed up and went to institute, hoy it was opened but when I entered the class, I saw there was just two other students and others were absent ! At 10:30 a.m class finished and I wentvto city main square with my friend and came back to home witb a taxi but when I knocked the house’s door, no one answered but immediately I grasped my mother went to Internet café so again I walked to that Internet café ( hopefully it saw near to our home ) and when I saw my mom, I got the houses keys so I could enter the house. I started using my tablet but when I wanted to charge it, I saw the tablet’s charging cable was torn and destroyed as you are seeing below :


At 5 p.m I had a doctor appointment so I had to go there because I am using orthodentist method to repair my tooth ! Finally we left there about 7 p.m.i was really tired but my brother forced us to go to the park. He played for two damn hours wnd nade me more tired .Finally I came back to home and write now I am typing with this little mobile’s keyboard so it is finished here !

Hope you enjoyed!

-Arta Darijani



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