I hate literature and it’s teacher a lot !

-What do we have for today ?

-We have math, social studies and LITERATURE !

-No ! I prefer not to come to school today !
This was what we mostly asked from each other, our hate from literature. Until last year, we loved this subject because we had much more teacher but for this year a new teacher and his new method is damn ! He is really a taskmaster teacher ! We had class with him for 4 continuous hours ! He is our teacher of persian literature,  Dictation and essay ! That is horrible ! Today we had a 2 hours dictation with him but it was awful as much as possible, why ? Because we couldn’t understand his damn idiom. Also he dictated from a lesson which he didn’t teach ! What the hell he is ! And guess what happened,  our dictation marks were terrible ! Our marks were out of 20 and over 80 % of class got under 16/20 ! I got 14.5/20 😟. I and others wrost mark ever. We were as sad and angry as we could be ! All of us wanted to kick this **cking teacher out of school.

Hopefully we don’t have his literature class for tommorow but unfortunately on Wednesday we have ! I hope God bless us !

-Arya Darijani


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