Author: Arya Darijani

I hate literature and it’s teacher a lot !

-What do we have for today ?

-We have math, social studies and LITERATURE !

-No ! I prefer not to come to school today !
This was what we mostly asked from each other, our hate from literature. Until last year, we loved this subject because we had much more teacher but for this year a new teacher and his new method is damn ! He is really a taskmaster teacher ! We had class with him for 4 continuous hours ! He is our teacher of persian literature,  Dictation and essay ! That is horrible ! Today we had a 2 hours dictation with him but it was awful as much as possible, why ? Because we couldn’t understand his damn idiom. Also he dictated from a lesson which he didn’t teach ! What the hell he is ! And guess what happened,  our dictation marks were terrible ! Our marks were out of 20 and over 80 % of class got under 16/20 ! I got 14.5/20 😟. I and others wrost mark ever. We were as sad and angry as we could be ! All of us wanted to kick this **cking teacher out of school.

Hopefully we don’t have his literature class for tommorow but unfortunately on Wednesday we have ! I hope God bless us !

-Arya Darijani


Daily Blog 16 | What a birthday party it was !

Hi to all ! Today is September the 30 th which means October is near so let’s say goodbye to September ! On 20th we were invited to a birthday party by one it my dad’s friends because my dad’s friend would have a party for his daughter who was born just some days ago ! My father couldn’t reject that because he is close friend of him. Party would be started at 8 p.m so I took a shower and 2 wore my best clothes. After we were prepared, we sat in the car and tried to find the place where party was taken there. We find the place with a lot of problems because he wrote address with a small mistake ! Hopefully we got there and when we entered there , we were were completely surprised because building was really beautiful and well – designed ! Unfortunately I forgot to take some photos from outside the building but I could take some from inside !



As you can see in the photo, the distance between roof to floor is alot, I guess it is something around 15 metres from roof to floor ! There was some beautiful painting on the roof. I am surprised how they can put this things there !

There was a big clock on the wall. It was really nice so I didn’t missed the chance of taking photo from it !


There was a big clock on the wall. It was really nice so I didn’t missed the chance of taking photo from it !


I  saw some beautiful pictures which were designed with metal probability copper.
There was some photos which were taken in the main hall but I prefered not to take photos from where the party was taken because it isn’t polite !
By the way, in another hall was party and all people were dancing ! I was surprised because I haven’t seen such as this in Iran before ! I don’t care because it was enjoyable 😄 ! They were dancing till midnight. Then they noticed it is time for having dinner ! We went to another hall and It was massive ! It made me remember patrician houses and rooms where thy served dinner ! There was a lot of foods, desserts and drinks and you can choose anyone which you prefer ! So far it was really delicious but I really was feeling cold ! I think air conditioner was really working at his highest level ! It was 1 a.m when we finished having dinner then my father find his friend who invited us and gave him a gold coin as gift. Party was still continuing but we were really tired ! It was 1.30 a.m so we got out and sat in the car.  We reached home at 2 a.m and finally slept.
-Arya Darijani


Daily Blog 15 | I don’t have much time for blogging !


Hi to all ! As you read the topic, I don’t have much time to blog and I don’t have that needed time 😦. You probably ask why ? Because I’m going to school as like other teenagers so I’m having a lot of homeworks, projects and lessons to study. But let me to say what has happened in last days while I wasn’t daily blogging !

It was about 2 days ago when I finally cashed out my first 25 $ from jobs2shop !  You probably say what is jobs2shop ? It is a survey site that you complete surveys and earn some extra cash. By the way today was third continuous day that I am having physics class ! I really enjoy physics and I want to learn much more about this subject ! But on Wednesday I had 4 continuous hours math class ! Before the class, I guessed probably I’m going to be fully confused but hopefully I enjoyed the classes because the teacher was teaching really good ! So far I’m having a lot of lessons to study . It is just a week since I’m going to school but lessons are a lot and time for blogging is less ! 

Yesterday after physics class, I got my uniforms which is a suit that I have to wear for school but I never get used to wear suits ! 

Today I and my family are going to a birthday party ! But as a introvert, I hate crowded places. I really don’t like this places. This are just for extroverts but I don’t have another  option so I have to go 😩 !

I don’t have other things in my mind to post I just hope I can blog more if schools let me and others 😊 !

-Arya Darijani

Chinese officials confirm tiangong-1 space station is out of control, will hit earth on early 2017


Hi to all ! I was searching around the Internet when a news made me interested, tiangong-1 space station is out of control. First I didn’t believe it ! Because with this technologies this sort of things shouldn’t happen so when I was reading the news, this part took my attention : Tiangong- 1 will hit earth on early 2017 ! The first thing came to my mind, where it will hit and how and when ? By the way let me explain the news below :

Chinese officials confirmed that Tiangong-1 is out of control with no reasons ! Tiangong was sent to space on September of 2011 with 8.5 ton weight. Tiangong means “heaven place” but I think it will make earth a hell that day when will hit earth. The chinese reported on June that Chinese scientists are having a problem for connecting to Tiangong now Chinese officials confirmed this problem and Tiangong will hit earth on early 2017 to unknown location after 4.5 years being on space.

So bad ! Just imagine while you are walking, one other the parts of this space station hit the location where you or I live. It would be horrible but hopefully they said most of the parts of Tiangong will be burned in atmosphere but it will be dangerous again. They said that they can control while it is coming to earth, if they could connect to it and change its way to ocean.

Most of the Tiangong’s parts will be 100 kilograms if they hit which are strong enough to destroy most of the things which are in that location but any climate changes can change the location where it will hit so I hope we will be lucky enough to be saved from that !


Daily Blog 13 | I am so sleepy during the classes !

Hi to all ! with another day and another post ! Today was a good day but not that much that I expected. Since when schools have been started, I should wake up early in the morning which is really annoying for most if us ! I was really sleepy and I couldn’t wake up 😌 . Finally with a lots of efforts I could get up ! I had breakfast  and I picked up everything that was required for today. Our first class was so boring which I was trying to have my eyes opened. As I said I have to bring a pillow to school so I can have a nice sleep 😏. Our next class was biology with our new teacher. I can say biology first class was introducing class with a lot of jokes our teacher said. But he said a horrible news while he was speaking, he said our physics teacher son had died recently while his son was 12 years old 😢. We couldn’t beliei ve it and we were in shock.

By the way I came back to home at 2:45 p.m and after having lunch, I started to study. It takes about 4 hours of studying . It could be a lot but studying the lessons is as a hobby and enjoying for me 📚 ! Them I grasped I need to eat something the only thing that came to my mind was egg. Because Egg is the only thing that I can cook ! I broke two eggs but third one was a stone I think as you can see below ! It couldn’t be broken even I played Futbol with it ! Finally it was broken and I could cook egg.


Finally I have to say today I re blogged a post called 15 Tips for Newbies. It was useful for me. You can visit the blog  and use the helpful tips !

-Arya Darijani

15 Tips for Newbies


Hi !

I have found this article really useful for myself and I think this could be useful for you ! You can visit the article below. Hope it could be useful for you !

The following are a few tips for newbies that I had to find by trial and error:

Source: 15 Tips for Newbies (Updated)

Daily Blog | First day of school


Hi to all ! Today is September the 24th which schools were opened in Iran and as a student I have to go ! I woke up at 6 a.m and I was really happy ! Honestly I don’t like schools but this day was special one, as usual our physics teacher was serious and teaching seriously. I was thinking about how would be our classes, students and teachers. Hopefully everything was okay and during we were in the class,  I was really enjoying ! I have to say some of our last year teachers aren’t are teachers for this year’s because they are just going to teach in grades 7 and 8 😞.

Our first class was religion studies. It was nice and sometimes we laughed to funny facts that our teacher said and makes me to laugh till now 😄 ! Second class was Physics, as usual our teacher was serious and tought seriously too ! Sometimes I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t ! Then we had another class which I don’t know how to translate it in English ! It was really boring and sometimes I felt I had to bring a pillow so I could sleep as I think others had a same opinion with me. Our last class was enjoyable. It was about sexuality and things related to adolescence. We listened carefully because they are important in our country even for us.

It was my first day of school and I share it in my blog !

-Arya Darijani