Daily Blog 12 | Bye summer and your holiday !


Hi to all !

Today is September the  but 23 th which means summer holidays will be finished and Schools will be opened tommarow ! yeah, schools are opened tommarow in Iran.  I don’t have any special feeling about schools But I have a sad feeling about saying goodbye to summer holidays ! The 3 months have gone as fast as possible 😯. It was nice but not as like last summer but I really enjoyed it. I had a lot of funny and great moments, busy days, playing lots of football and going to a lot of repetitions ! As like other years,  the end of sumer will make me somehow disappointed ! But I have to come along with waking up early in the morning, going to the classes,  exams and other things which I hope it become great like last years ! 

When I looked to the students of my new class, I was really sad because my best friends are in another class and just one of my friends is in my new class. It isn’t a good news for me so I will tell it and I hope I can change my class.

Tonight I should sleep sooner so I could get up earlier to wake up at 6 a.m and participate in the first day of schools !

-Arya Darijani


Daily Blog 11 | My terrible toothache !

Hi to all !

Today is September the 22 t h that I had a huge toothache that is because I went to dentist. Since I get out of clinic, my toothache is following me till now which is really terrible !

In my opinion wrost pains are stomachache and toothache which will destroy person’s life and experienced them in short period of time. If I want to describe how terrible is my toothache ica  concise it in one sentence: “I even can’t eat the softest foods !”  I just can have somethings that are liqSatuuid and I can’t jpg Ave other things 😩.

By the way today I woke up at 10 a.m. I woke up earlier but I needed to sleep more as usual 😜 ! I have to mention, Saturday is the first day of schools in Iran, I don’t know what do you think about schools ( I would be happy share your opinions in the comments below ) but for me it could be nice or horrible but I really hate to wake up early and give exams 😢. So I should be prepared for Saturday so far !

As I said in previous post, my charging cable was destroyed ! It wasn’t useful anymore so as a curious boy, I naked the cable completely so I could know what is inside the charging cables ! I did it with a knife and it was interesting as I saw the inside for the first time. I have taken some photos so you can see what did I do with poor cable 😋!


As usual I had English class. It was the last session so our teacher worked on our problems so we could be prep for tomorrow final exam better. So I should study hard also I have a lot of lessons to study.

So after another nice day, I have to sleep to get awake for tommorow and I would have a lot of works to do !

-Arya Darijani

Daily Blog 10 | My charge cable is destroyed !

Hi to all !

Today is September the 21th which was a real busy day for my family especially for me ! I have to mention last nigh, time has changed about 1 your back. Unfortunately we forgot to watch last night news so we didn’t have any news so we could change the time. I woke up at 8 a.m  but exact time as I mentioned, was 7 a.m. I had a make-up session at 9 a.m so I was dressed up and reached to the institute but as I was waiting and waiting more, the institute was closed and no one was crossing around there ! I thought I came at wrong time so I got a taxi and came back to home but just one hour later , my father called me and noticed me about the time’s changing. Again I dressed up and went to institute, hoy it was opened but when I entered the class, I saw there was just two other students and others were absent ! At 10:30 a.m class finished and I wentvto city main square with my friend and came back to home witb a taxi but when I knocked the house’s door, no one answered but immediately I grasped my mother went to Internet café so again I walked to that Internet café ( hopefully it saw near to our home ) and when I saw my mom, I got the houses keys so I could enter the house. I started using my tablet but when I wanted to charge it, I saw the tablet’s charging cable was torn and destroyed as you are seeing below :


At 5 p.m I had a doctor appointment so I had to go there because I am using orthodentist method to repair my tooth ! Finally we left there about 7 p.m.i was really tired but my brother forced us to go to the park. He played for two damn hours wnd nade me more tired .Finally I came back to home and write now I am typing with this little mobile’s keyboard so it is finished here !

Hope you enjoyed!

-Arta Darijani


Daily Blog 9 | Happy Eid-e-Ghadir

Hi to all !
Today is September the 20th which is the celebration of Eid-e-Ghadir . I don’t know if you know about it or no but it is a very important day for Muslims because on this day God selected Imam Ali as surrogate of Mohammad the prophet. So let’s talk about the topic !

Why God selected Imam Ali and why Islam needed him ?

Islam was presented by Mohammad the prophet but he didn’t have any boy ( Mohammad had but his son field just when he was 2 years old ) so people who were against Islam and Muslims ( As we have some people like them that are against Islam and want to destroy it ) were happy because they thought after death of Muhammad,  Islam will be removed so they could do everything wrong they would like to do ) but God/Allah   selected Imam Ali because he passed very problems that God made for him for testing him also because he was the first man who was Muslim and he is known with his justice so God ruled Gabriel to send the message of God to Muhammad. Muhammad met Gabriel and received the message. While Muhammad and other people were coming back from Hajj,  he ordered people to stop at a place called Ghadir khomMuhammad noticed people it is his last hajj and soon he will die and will, meet God/Allah. Then he took Imam ali’s hand up and said :

If I am your Guardian, after me, Ali would be your Guardian and you must accept and do every rule he said to you.

So our prophet did his job that God said to him which he must do.

Unfortunately some people at that time didn’t accept the God’s rule and they made Abubakr their Imam so it did make Muslims in two parts: 1-Shias 2- Sunnie People who follow God’s rule and their Imam is Imam Ali are called Shia and others are Sunnies. Most of the Shias are in Iran so far !

By the way we celebrated this Eid and had nice moments. I hope you enjoyed your day !

-Arya Darijani

Daily Blog 8 | I hate past perfect !

Hi to all !

Today is September the 19 th which a lot of guests came to our home. I woke up at 10:30 a.m completely ( I woke up earlier but I slept again :mrgreen: ) but just 30 minutes after I woke up, My aunt’s husband and their two daughter came to our home because they live in another city so they preferred to stay in our home. My aunt was in the university because she was accepted for studying “Industrial Engineering” for masters. As usual my brother apart playing with cousins a lot . Also my another aunt came to our home because she us moving to our city, kerman. They stayed until 4 p.m after their works had finished. Hopefully I finally could buy a new Internet packet so I can continue blogging daily 😄. Let’s talk about the topic, my hate from past perfect or p.p 😨. Yesterday I had my English session as usual then our teacher asked us to complete an exercise about past perfect, when he asked me to say the answers, all of them were wrong even other answers that he said while others were saying the answers were wrong, that is awful ! I don’t know where to use this damn grammer, someone is saying we use this when something is fished from past but its results and effects are continuing until now but some others say we actually use this when some works have been started from past and are continuing until now but some others just saying bla, bla and bla 😫 ! 

My uncle called to my mother at 6:30 p.m for coming to our home but then my mother asked him to bring his wife and childrens so at 7:30 p.m they came and again  as usual my brother start playing a lot and a lot of games with cousins 😑. The main reason why my uncle came to our home was because he is a new evidence expert such as my dad ( he is experienced one ) so he needed some helps from my dad for his new case.

But today was a special day for Iranian student ( not for me! ) because they received the universities entrance exam which is called Konkur. In this exam, students that got their high school diploma, will participate in this exam. It has about 200 questions that are tests. Then their mark will be calculated and will be ranked. Better mark means better rank and better rank means better chance for being accepted for universities. For example,  my cousin was accepted for computer science or in our family, about 10 students were accepted for studying medicine which is a lot !

I type anymore ! I need to sleep, it is 12 p.m so I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and have a good night/day 😉 !

-Arya Darijani

Daily Blog 7 | My internet traffic has finished, What should I do ?


Hi guys !

Today is September the 17th which as I said in the title, my internet traffic has finished, so what should I do and how I can continue blogging ? I really don’t know but there is lots of extra ways for example I can buy another extra traffic or use my mobile’s internet which I should buy network packet. By the way I will solve this problem  and continue blogging daily !

Today I woke up at 9:30 a.m which means I am being woke up earlier than before  so maybe it is because of schools that will be opened in next week. After having breakfast, I ate lots of fruits which we bought them yesterday. Then my mother who is lawyer, went to court to review her cases. So my brother and I were alone in home, My brother forced me to play spongebob for him but first we decided to listen/watch some music videos to get better and feel fresher for today. Then as I promised to my brother, I played spongebob for him. I didn’t like it at first but now I think it is a nice and funny animation !

My brother forced me to play this for him

I planned to watch BarcelonaLeganes match at 15:30 but I forgot to watch this match. Hopefully Barcelona win it 5-1. Right now I am in my father’s office which is owned by him. He is a Notary and I am posting today’s blog with its office internet ! Today I am working with PC and its keyword after about 3 months. It is really hard to type with keyword, therefore I used to type with my tablet which I think is much more better than PCs keyword.

I don’t have other thing to write/type it so today’s post is finished !

Hope you enjoyed !

-Arya Darijani

Daily Blog 6 | A nice holiday

Hi guys !

Today is September the 16th which I had a nice holiday ! First I had to say that Friday is legal Holiday which is different from other countries. In Iran, Most of us prefer to go to to countries or visit our families so my parents decided to go to a village which was 50 kilometres away from where we live. I wasn’t happy with 20th their decision, why ? Because today was a derby match against perspolis and Esteghlal which are Iran’s two strong soccer teams. We started our short trip at 2 p.m after having something. We picked up everything which we needed so my dad started driving. After 10 minutes that I and my brother were in the car. I felt I need sleep but my brother felt in sleep sooner than me. By the way we reached to a village called “Golriz” after 30 minutes of driving of my dad. Finally we found a place to start our picnic. Place which we choose wasn’t crowded so it was a benefit for me because I hate from crowded  places because I feel uncomfortable in that places. Then we had our lunch, a feet that I and my brother started playing g football  by passing or shooting the ball for fun 😁 . Then an idea came to my mind, to shoot the ball from the top of the hill . I went there and I shoot as strong as possible but it wasn’t m that powerful 😑. Also my 10 yrs old brother tried it too. We enjoyed doing that and we did it for serveral time until we didn’t have energy anymore to go up the hill. While I was there , I took some photos from up the hill .


Our main porpoise was buying fruits from their because my parents prefer buying fruits from village than cities. We found three gardens so we asked the owners about buying their fruits, one of them rejected  but we bought from two others about 20 kilograms apples and grapes.  I think it would be enough for autumn . We went back to Kerman, where we live and we reached there at 7:45 p.m and right now I am writing my post so I could blog it ! I hope you enjoyed ☺

Have a nice night !

-Arya Darijani