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Daily Blog | First day of school


Hi to all ! Today is September the 24th which schools were opened in Iran and as a student I have to go ! I woke up at 6 a.m and I was really happy ! Honestly I don’t like schools but this day was special one, as usual our physics teacher was serious and teaching seriously. I was thinking about how would be our classes, students and teachers. Hopefully everything was okay and during we were in the class,  I was really enjoying ! I have to say some of our last year teachers aren’t are teachers for this year’s because they are just going to teach in grades 7 and 8 😞.

Our first class was religion studies. It was nice and sometimes we laughed to funny facts that our teacher said and makes me to laugh till now 😄 ! Second class was Physics, as usual our teacher was serious and tought seriously too ! Sometimes I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t ! Then we had another class which I don’t know how to translate it in English ! It was really boring and sometimes I felt I had to bring a pillow so I could sleep as I think others had a same opinion with me. Our last class was enjoyable. It was about sexuality and things related to adolescence. We listened carefully because they are important in our country even for us.

It was my first day of school and I share it in my blog !

-Arya Darijani

We lost 4-0 in Football match !

We lost 4-0 in Football match !

Today is September the 8th.I had a good day which I enjoyed it.First of all I had 2 classes today as like other days : 1-English class 2- Football class. At 3.45 p.m My English class started but I had another exam like  the previous session. But I studied enough for this one and I think I would get a better mark than previous one.My class would be finished at 5.15 p.m but because I had football session, I left the class when I have done my exam.I got taxi and I reached to my football class a bit more later but I could play so far.We he had a match between ourself.We were divided to 2 separated teams but we didn’t have a goalkeeper so we brought one player which was not good at goolkeeping from subtitles.He was Awful, really awful ! He couldn’t catch the easiest balls and you can guess what has happened next , we received 2 goals easily. They just pass to our goalkeeper and they could score. Then our coach decided to replace our goal keepers so we could have a better one so far so good ! I was playing as a defensive midfielder and I create more than 3 chances for our forwards but they couldn’t use the as Good as they should do. But our defenders were wrost than our previous goal keeper and from our defenders mistakes  they scored 2 more goals. I was getting mad but I couldn’t travel to past to prevent the defenders mistakes. Finally Match finished and we lost 4-0.

By the way , It was a match which was with our team so far so doesn’t matter what was the result. We will be better.