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Daily blog 4 |Earning money with surveys

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Hi guys !

Today is September the 14th which I started earning money with surges and I find this method from searching around Internet which I found a site which describes some sites for earning money for doing surveys. I clicked on  most of them but unfortunately most of them weren’t available in Iran where I live but I just registered in vipvoice and pointclub which I recommend to you to use them. I found other things about earning money with some apps but I haven’t tried them until now. By the way let me say you what has happened today :

I woke up at 8 a.m. When I woke up, I haven’t had stomachache which I had since yesterday but suddenly it started so I had breakfast with that bad pain. I had math class at 9 a.m but pain did continue so I wasn’t able to go to the class so I stayed at home to rest more. I didn’t used Internet and my tablet until 3 p.m 😕. Fortunately my stomachache has finished and I was good like before. Because my mom was in travel, we didn’t have something to eat because I and my dad can’t cook well just we can make egg 😊, so my dad bought chicken and was delicious too ! After having lunch, I checked my Emails and blog which I should check them sooner. It was 6 p.m when my dad asked me to visit aunt’s home but when I was wearing my socks, I saw a huge edema and I got it is because if things that happened yesterday because yesterday while playing football , they tackled badly on mu ankle and that was the result 😩. We stayed at my auntie house until 10 p.m and I talked a lot with my cousin. Until now nothing happened that I should write here but I should watch this night champions league matches so have a nice night or day ☺.

-Arya Darijani