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Daily blog 4 |Earning money with surveys

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Hi guys !

Today is September the 14th which I started earning money with surges and I find this method from searching around Internet which I found a site which describes some sites for earning money for doing surveys. I clicked on  most of them but unfortunately most of them weren’t available in Iran where I live but I just registered in vipvoice and pointclub which I recommend to you to use them. I found other things about earning money with some apps but I haven’t tried them until now. By the way let me say you what has happened today :

I woke up at 8 a.m. When I woke up, I haven’t had stomachache which I had since yesterday but suddenly it started so I had breakfast with that bad pain. I had math class at 9 a.m but pain did continue so I wasn’t able to go to the class so I stayed at home to rest more. I didn’t used Internet and my tablet until 3 p.m 😕. Fortunately my stomachache has finished and I was good like before. Because my mom was in travel, we didn’t have something to eat because I and my dad can’t cook well just we can make egg 😊, so my dad bought chicken and was delicious too ! After having lunch, I checked my Emails and blog which I should check them sooner. It was 6 p.m when my dad asked me to visit aunt’s home but when I was wearing my socks, I saw a huge edema and I got it is because if things that happened yesterday because yesterday while playing football , they tackled badly on mu ankle and that was the result 😩. We stayed at my auntie house until 10 p.m and I talked a lot with my cousin. Until now nothing happened that I should write here but I should watch this night champions league matches so have a nice night or day ☺.

-Arya Darijani



Daily blog 3 | What would you feel after being hit 3 time with a ball ?

Hi guys !

Today is September the 13th which wasn’t a good day, it was horrible for me. Let me say you about what has happened today.

Woke up at 5 a.m

As I said in my previous post, yesterday was a celebration so we went to another city to be with our family I and my dad woke up at 5 a.m after a nice sleeping .I woke up go hard but I should be woke up in anyway. We reached to kerman at 7 a.m . When we came back to home, I got I will have a math session at 9 a.m so I will be prepared for math olympiad exam. Class was 1.5 hours and and finished at 10.5 a.m. I was so hungry because I haven had breakfast so I ate an apple and yogurt. My dad came back from work at 2 p.m with kebab. It was so delicious and I thanks my dad.

Going to football session

I had football session at 4 p.m so I didn’t go to English session. While my dad and I were going, he asked me to buy chum so I bought one with strawberry taste. I reached at 4. 15 so I was late. After warming up, we started playing football. While playing, one if the players who wanted to shot, hit my testicles so hard and I couldn’t walk for minutes. It doesn’t continue here, another player was trying to make a long pass but it hit my lip and cut my lip. That was Awful, I was getting angry why they want to hit me but another one tackled on my left foot while I was shooting and hurted my ankle badly which I couldn’t run for about 10 minutes and still I can feel its pain. Football session finished at 7 p.m and I was so hungry so when I came back to home, I ate rest of the kebabs.

Having stomachache until now


From midday this pain starts until now. Right now it has a bad pain that I am typing hard.I don’t know where does it come from but I will sleep after blogging so I could get rid of the awful pain.

Arya Darijani


Daily blog 1 | our teacher surprised us

Hi guys !

Today is September the 10th.Today nothing special has happened for me, I just went to my class sessions that I should go. On this day, I had English session and Football session. In our English session, our teacher surprised us by asking questions from all of us. Honestly none of even opened our student book which we shold study, you can guess what has happened next 😔, most of us were unable to answer the questions but from my good luck, I could answer the question but not that good as I should 😜😀. Fortunately it was finished with our huge stress. After English session, I went to Football session to practise and be prepared for our next matches. In the way to football session, I was changing my clothes in the car 😜. It is normally for me because everytime I do it is because that football sessions will start just 10 minutes after English sessions so I won’t have time to change my clothes their. Nothing special has happened at this session so I prefer to skip this part but after session finished , I was waiting about half an hour for coming of my dad. Finally my dad came but in a taxi.I was aamazed but my dad told me ir was because of his car problem that caused alot of other problems too ! It took about 15 minutes to came to the home. When I entered home, very good smell made me so hungry. I got my mother cooked chips that was so delicious. Until now I was doing nothing but right now I am watching a comedy programme called “Durehami”. It’s so popular in iran which is managed by an Iranian famous director calls Mehran Modiry. So I should watch it because I really love it.


We lost 4-0 in Football match !

We lost 4-0 in Football match !

Today is September the 8th.I had a good day which I enjoyed it.First of all I had 2 classes today as like other days : 1-English class 2- Football class. At 3.45 p.m My English class started but I had another exam like  the previous session. But I studied enough for this one and I think I would get a better mark than previous one.My class would be finished at 5.15 p.m but because I had football session, I left the class when I have done my exam.I got taxi and I reached to my football class a bit more later but I could play so far.We he had a match between ourself.We were divided to 2 separated teams but we didn’t have a goalkeeper so we brought one player which was not good at goolkeeping from subtitles.He was Awful, really awful ! He couldn’t catch the easiest balls and you can guess what has happened next , we received 2 goals easily. They just pass to our goalkeeper and they could score. Then our coach decided to replace our goal keepers so we could have a better one so far so good ! I was playing as a defensive midfielder and I create more than 3 chances for our forwards but they couldn’t use the as Good as they should do. But our defenders were wrost than our previous goal keeper and from our defenders mistakes  they scored 2 more goals. I was getting mad but I couldn’t travel to past to prevent the defenders mistakes. Finally Match finished and we lost 4-0.

By the way , It was a match which was with our team so far so doesn’t matter what was the result. We will be better.

My wrost ever mark !

My wrost ever mark !

Hi again guys ! Today was not a good day for me because  I got my wrost ever mark in English.As I said, I’m living in Iran and going to English classes for about 7 years but this day I received my exam paper, when I looked to the mark that was written on the paper, I was so depressed ! I got 12.5 out of 20 or we can say I got 62.5/100 which is horrible for me.I haven’t got like this marks but unfortunately I got this low mark.It doesn’t finish here, what should I say to my parents ? What would be their reactions and what would they are going to say to me ? I’m a person who studies a lot but this mark is a fail in my Life.My mom and dad are going to be sad but I have no other way.By the way, I can’t do anymore, Just learn from my fails and try harder.

After English class and what has happened, I went to Football session.We were just exercising because we are having a match on Thursday so we can show a good performance of our team.Finally the session finished and we came back to the home.My dad said my school’s books are received and I can take a look at them. I was counting how many book I am going to study, It is 13 books and 1,852 pages to study just in 9 months which sounds a lot but Iranian students like me, are having this situation every year so it’s normally for us !^__^

Until now nothing special happened so it is the end of today post.

Hope you enjoyed ☺