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Chinese officials confirm tiangong-1 space station is out of control, will hit earth on early 2017


Hi to all ! I was searching around the Internet when a news made me interested, tiangong-1 space station is out of control. First I didn’t believe it ! Because with this technologies this sort of things shouldn’t happen so when I was reading the news, this part took my attention : Tiangong- 1 will hit earth on early 2017 ! The first thing came to my mind, where it will hit and how and when ? By the way let me explain the news below :

Chinese officials confirmed that Tiangong-1 is out of control with no reasons ! Tiangong was sent to space on September of 2011 with 8.5 ton weight. Tiangong means “heaven place” but I think it will make earth a hell that day when will hit earth. The chinese reported on June that Chinese scientists are having a problem for connecting to Tiangong now Chinese officials confirmed this problem and Tiangong will hit earth on early 2017 to unknown location after 4.5 years being on space.

So bad ! Just imagine while you are walking, one other the parts of this space station hit the location where you or I live. It would be horrible but hopefully they said most of the parts of Tiangong will be burned in atmosphere but it will be dangerous again. They said that they can control while it is coming to earth, if they could connect to it and change its way to ocean.

Most of the Tiangong’s parts will be 100 kilograms if they hit which are strong enough to destroy most of the things which are in that location but any climate changes can change the location where it will hit so I hope we will be lucky enough to be saved from that !



Daily blog 3 | What would you feel after being hit 3 time with a ball ?

Hi guys !

Today is September the 13th which wasn’t a good day, it was horrible for me. Let me say you about what has happened today.

Woke up at 5 a.m

As I said in my previous post, yesterday was a celebration so we went to another city to be with our family I and my dad woke up at 5 a.m after a nice sleeping .I woke up go hard but I should be woke up in anyway. We reached to kerman at 7 a.m . When we came back to home, I got I will have a math session at 9 a.m so I will be prepared for math olympiad exam. Class was 1.5 hours and and finished at 10.5 a.m. I was so hungry because I haven had breakfast so I ate an apple and yogurt. My dad came back from work at 2 p.m with kebab. It was so delicious and I thanks my dad.

Going to football session

I had football session at 4 p.m so I didn’t go to English session. While my dad and I were going, he asked me to buy chum so I bought one with strawberry taste. I reached at 4. 15 so I was late. After warming up, we started playing football. While playing, one if the players who wanted to shot, hit my testicles so hard and I couldn’t walk for minutes. It doesn’t continue here, another player was trying to make a long pass but it hit my lip and cut my lip. That was Awful, I was getting angry why they want to hit me but another one tackled on my left foot while I was shooting and hurted my ankle badly which I couldn’t run for about 10 minutes and still I can feel its pain. Football session finished at 7 p.m and I was so hungry so when I came back to home, I ate rest of the kebabs.

Having stomachache until now


From midday this pain starts until now. Right now it has a bad pain that I am typing hard.I don’t know where does it come from but I will sleep after blogging so I could get rid of the awful pain.

Arya Darijani