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Getting prepared for the wedding party


Hi guys !

As I said in my previous post, we were invited to a wedding party and now it’s time to go and getting prepared for this event.

First of all, I want to say that we were invited to 2 wedding parties and both of them were in a same day and even in a same time and both were necessary as other one was ! My parents were confused what to do because as I said not going to a wedding party could be disrepute, So What we did ? We rejected one of the invitation so we are getting prepared for other one which we accepted. My mom has went to hairdo and I and my brother and dad were getting prepared in our way 😜.But the problem which isn’t fixed yet and I don’t think it’s going to be fixed, is my shoes ! I played a lot with my shoes football with my friends in street so they are half-torn now 😐 ! Actually we planned to buy a new pair of shoe for me but we didn’t have a free time also buying shoe and find your suited one will takes a lot of time.I don’t know what are people going to think about my shoes but it doesn’t mind for me.By the way, my uncle has gone to the another city whic hosts another wedding party that we rejected this one, but we should take and bring his wife and child’s to the party. I think it is great because I’m going to talk with my cousin.

Now it is 7.15 p.m and we are going to the party around 8.15 p.m so we should do the rest works that aren’t done yet.

Tommarow I’m going to write about what has happened in the wedding party and how was it for you guys so wait for my next post !

Thx for reading