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Daily Blog 16 | What a birthday party it was !

Hi to all ! Today is September the 30 th which means October is near so let’s say goodbye to September ! On 20th we were invited to a birthday party by one it my dad’s friends because my dad’s friend would have a party for his daughter who was born just some days ago ! My father couldn’t reject that because he is close friend of him. Party would be started at 8 p.m so I took a shower and 2 wore my best clothes. After we were prepared, we sat in the car and tried to find the place where party was taken there. We find the place with a lot of problems because he wrote address with a small mistake ! Hopefully we got there and when we entered there , we were were completely surprised because building was really beautiful and well – designed ! Unfortunately I forgot to take some photos from outside the building but I could take some from inside !



As you can see in the photo, the distance between roof to floor is alot, I guess it is something around 15 metres from roof to floor ! There was some beautiful painting on the roof. I am surprised how they can put this things there !

There was a big clock on the wall. It was really nice so I didn’t missed the chance of taking photo from it !


There was a big clock on the wall. It was really nice so I didn’t missed the chance of taking photo from it !


I  saw some beautiful pictures which were designed with metal probability copper.
There was some photos which were taken in the main hall but I prefered not to take photos from where the party was taken because it isn’t polite !
By the way, in another hall was party and all people were dancing ! I was surprised because I haven’t seen such as this in Iran before ! I don’t care because it was enjoyable 😄 ! They were dancing till midnight. Then they noticed it is time for having dinner ! We went to another hall and It was massive ! It made me remember patrician houses and rooms where thy served dinner ! There was a lot of foods, desserts and drinks and you can choose anyone which you prefer ! So far it was really delicious but I really was feeling cold ! I think air conditioner was really working at his highest level ! It was 1 a.m when we finished having dinner then my father find his friend who invited us and gave him a gold coin as gift. Party was still continuing but we were really tired ! It was 1.30 a.m so we got out and sat in the car.  We reached home at 2 a.m and finally slept.
-Arya Darijani



Daily Blog 6 | A nice holiday

Hi guys !

Today is September the 16th which I had a nice holiday ! First I had to say that Friday is legal Holiday which is different from other countries. In Iran, Most of us prefer to go to to countries or visit our families so my parents decided to go to a village which was 50 kilometres away from where we live. I wasn’t happy with 20th their decision, why ? Because today was a derby match against perspolis and Esteghlal which are Iran’s two strong soccer teams. We started our short trip at 2 p.m after having something. We picked up everything which we needed so my dad started driving. After 10 minutes that I and my brother were in the car. I felt I need sleep but my brother felt in sleep sooner than me. By the way we reached to a village called “Golriz” after 30 minutes of driving of my dad. Finally we found a place to start our picnic. Place which we choose wasn’t crowded so it was a benefit for me because I hate from crowded  places because I feel uncomfortable in that places. Then we had our lunch, a feet that I and my brother started playing g football  by passing or shooting the ball for fun 😁 . Then an idea came to my mind, to shoot the ball from the top of the hill . I went there and I shoot as strong as possible but it wasn’t m that powerful 😑. Also my 10 yrs old brother tried it too. We enjoyed doing that and we did it for serveral time until we didn’t have energy anymore to go up the hill. While I was there , I took some photos from up the hill .


Our main porpoise was buying fruits from their because my parents prefer buying fruits from village than cities. We found three gardens so we asked the owners about buying their fruits, one of them rejected  but we bought from two others about 20 kilograms apples and grapes.  I think it would be enough for autumn . We went back to Kerman, where we live and we reached there at 7:45 p.m and right now I am writing my post so I could blog it ! I hope you enjoyed ☺

Have a nice night !

-Arya Darijani



Daily Blog 5 | I’ve done my mathematics exam

Hi guys !

Today is September the 14th which serveral  things has happened. Let’s start from the  Mathematics exam which I was getting prepared for it for about 3 months. The exam started at 8:30 a.m so we started doing exam. This exam is called Australian Mathematics Competition or AMC  which is taking part in Australia and some other countries like Iran where I live.


This is a competition for competing  yourself with thousands of others. Exam had different questions with different marks also it was 30 questions with 143 marks totally :

  • The first part had 10 questions with 3 marks each
  • The second part had 10 other questions and each one had 4 marks
  • The third part has 5 questions which each one had 5 marks
  • The last part which was the hardest part had 41 marks which was really a lot. It was 5 difficult questions from 6 marks to 10 marks each.

Exam finished at 10 a.m and I went to home immediately to check my answers but it doesn’t have answer sheet. I remember my mother forced me to register for this competition but now I got how great is math so next year I will participate in this competition too ! By the way, I think I can score 60/134 marks or higher. Results will be received in November and December and I hope I could get a good marks.

At the end, I took some pictures of the exam paper.



Hope you enjoyes

-Arya Darijani


My wrost ever mark !

My wrost ever mark !

Hi again guys ! Today was not a good day for me because  I got my wrost ever mark in English.As I said, I’m living in Iran and going to English classes for about 7 years but this day I received my exam paper, when I looked to the mark that was written on the paper, I was so depressed ! I got 12.5 out of 20 or we can say I got 62.5/100 which is horrible for me.I haven’t got like this marks but unfortunately I got this low mark.It doesn’t finish here, what should I say to my parents ? What would be their reactions and what would they are going to say to me ? I’m a person who studies a lot but this mark is a fail in my Life.My mom and dad are going to be sad but I have no other way.By the way, I can’t do anymore, Just learn from my fails and try harder.

After English class and what has happened, I went to Football session.We were just exercising because we are having a match on Thursday so we can show a good performance of our team.Finally the session finished and we came back to the home.My dad said my school’s books are received and I can take a look at them. I was counting how many book I am going to study, It is 13 books and 1,852 pages to study just in 9 months which sounds a lot but Iranian students like me, are having this situation every year so it’s normally for us !^__^

Until now nothing special happened so it is the end of today post.

Hope you enjoyed ☺

My First post

My First post

Hi guys!

My name is Arya, A 15 years old blogger who was born in 2001.I am living in Kerman, Iran. Most of you think about Iran,”Is it a nice country or a country that supports terrorism? “If you ask me, It will be a nice country and a lot of safety which doesn’t support terrorism in anyway.If you had a chance to have a trip to Iran, Don’t lose it!

My hobbies

Let’s talk about my hobbies! Like most of this days teenagers, One of my hobbies is searching the Web, watch videos on YouTube or sth studying.I play football in my free time.Football is sth that I play everytime I have a free time.I really enjoy it.

I was a blogger so far !

I would like to say I used to have 2 blogs but I deleted them because they weren’t so good so  so I decided to remove them completely ! I hope this blog could be much more better than that 2 ones.

What do I post ?

I will send posts about what is in my mind so it could be everything ! My blog would be updated once or twice a week.It depends do I have a free time or not ^__^.

How is my English level ?

Honestly, It is good but it has some space to learn more.I should work on my vocabulary, by the way if you see mistakes from me, please apologise me.


I am going to 3rd grade of secondary school, Somehow one of the most important year for me so I should try hard because it will effect on my future.Also next year I would be a high school student.And  finally

It was my short biography about myself, I hope you enjoyed😊