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Daily Blog 15 | I don’t have much time for blogging !


Hi to all ! As you read the topic, I don’t have much time to blog and I don’t have that needed time 😦. You probably ask why ? Because I’m going to school as like other teenagers so I’m having a lot of homeworks, projects and lessons to study. But let me to say what has happened in last days while I wasn’t daily blogging !

It was about 2 days ago when I finally cashed out my first 25 $ from jobs2shop !  You probably say what is jobs2shop ? It is a survey site that you complete surveys and earn some extra cash. By the way today was third continuous day that I am having physics class ! I really enjoy physics and I want to learn much more about this subject ! But on Wednesday I had 4 continuous hours math class ! Before the class, I guessed probably I’m going to be fully confused but hopefully I enjoyed the classes because the teacher was teaching really good ! So far I’m having a lot of lessons to study . It is just a week since I’m going to school but lessons are a lot and time for blogging is less ! 

Yesterday after physics class, I got my uniforms which is a suit that I have to wear for school but I never get used to wear suits ! 

Today I and my family are going to a birthday party ! But as a introvert, I hate crowded places. I really don’t like this places. This are just for extroverts but I don’t have another  option so I have to go 😩 !

I don’t have other things in my mind to post I just hope I can blog more if schools let me and others 😊 !

-Arya Darijani


Daily Blog 13 | I am so sleepy during the classes !

Hi to all ! with another day and another post ! Today was a good day but not that much that I expected. Since when schools have been started, I should wake up early in the morning which is really annoying for most if us ! I was really sleepy and I couldn’t wake up 😌 . Finally with a lots of efforts I could get up ! I had breakfast  and I picked up everything that was required for today. Our first class was so boring which I was trying to have my eyes opened. As I said I have to bring a pillow to school so I can have a nice sleep 😏. Our next class was biology with our new teacher. I can say biology first class was introducing class with a lot of jokes our teacher said. But he said a horrible news while he was speaking, he said our physics teacher son had died recently while his son was 12 years old 😢. We couldn’t beliei ve it and we were in shock.

By the way I came back to home at 2:45 p.m and after having lunch, I started to study. It takes about 4 hours of studying . It could be a lot but studying the lessons is as a hobby and enjoying for me 📚 ! Them I grasped I need to eat something the only thing that came to my mind was egg. Because Egg is the only thing that I can cook ! I broke two eggs but third one was a stone I think as you can see below ! It couldn’t be broken even I played Futbol with it ! Finally it was broken and I could cook egg.


Finally I have to say today I re blogged a post called 15 WordPress.com Tips for Newbies. It was useful for me. You can visit the blog  and use the helpful tips !

-Arya Darijani

Daily Blog 11 | My terrible toothache !

Hi to all !

Today is September the 22 t h that I had a huge toothache that is because I went to dentist. Since I get out of clinic, my toothache is following me till now which is really terrible !

In my opinion wrost pains are stomachache and toothache which will destroy person’s life and experienced them in short period of time. If I want to describe how terrible is my toothache ica  concise it in one sentence: “I even can’t eat the softest foods !”  I just can have somethings that are liqSatuuid and I can’t jpg Ave other things 😩.

By the way today I woke up at 10 a.m. I woke up earlier but I needed to sleep more as usual 😜 ! I have to mention, Saturday is the first day of schools in Iran, I don’t know what do you think about schools ( I would be happy share your opinions in the comments below ) but for me it could be nice or horrible but I really hate to wake up early and give exams 😢. So I should be prepared for Saturday so far !

As I said in previous post, my charging cable was destroyed ! It wasn’t useful anymore so as a curious boy, I naked the cable completely so I could know what is inside the charging cables ! I did it with a knife and it was interesting as I saw the inside for the first time. I have taken some photos so you can see what did I do with poor cable 😋!


As usual I had English class. It was the last session so our teacher worked on our problems so we could be prep for tomorrow final exam better. So I should study hard also I have a lot of lessons to study.

So after another nice day, I have to sleep to get awake for tommorow and I would have a lot of works to do !

-Arya Darijani